Research support

One of the key roles of ICTS-RBD is to provide support, on competitive basis, to national and international researchers who want to develop their activity at Doñana. These researchers can profit from the natural laboratory offered by the Doñana ecosystems, characterized by a high biodiversity and outstanding conservation status.

They can develop observational and manipulative experiments in this area, making use of the housing, logistic support and experience offered by ICTS-RBD, benefitting from the availability of long-term data series offered by its biodiversity monitoring service, and enjoying the availability of IT tools and services available at its data infrastructure service.

ICTS-RBD call for access is open permanently. This means that you can apply for access at any moment. The research projects that require access to the protected area and the ICTS-RBD facilities at Doñana should be approved by the Work Commission on Research Activities of the Participation Council of the Espacio Natural de Doñana (ICTS Doñana Access Commission). This commission meets several times a year, usually every three or four months. The request for access to other ICTS-RBD facilities like access support for field work, vertebrate collections, ringing and recovery data and data from the different monitoring programs, are evaluated by each facility commission on a continuous basis throughout the year.



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