Doing Research in Doñana ICTS

Research is one of the priorities in Doñana National Park since its creation (Law 91/1978, of December 28). According to this law, the Director of the Doñana Biological Station is responsible for coordinating developed research programs in the area. EBD-CSIC manages scientific activity in the whole protected area of Doñana (applies for the necessary permits at the environmental authorities) and offers accommodation in its field station (El Palacio de Doñana) as the main infrastructure of the ICTS-RBD (National Large Scale Infrastructure). During the last years about 80 projects are running annually in Doñana

All research projects are evaluated by the ICTS Doñana Access Commission for Research (please check the date below at the EBD-CSIC website to ensure your project can be revised during its next meeting). Any project that has undergone a competitive funding process can request access to the Doñana ICTS and has priority over projects financed without competitive competition.