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Doñana’s Singular Scientific-Technical Infrastructure (ICTS-RBD) provides access and support to carry out research at the Doñana Protected Areas.

For that purpose, it provides researchers with housing, facilities, technical and logistic support. It also runs programs for monitoring the status and trends of biodiversity, provides online access to all the information gathered by these monitoring programs, and delivers IT services and tools to facilitate the search and use of that information. Read more

News update

La categoría de amenaza del lince ibérico se reduce en la Lista Roja de la IUCN

Tras seis décadas de declive y marcada reducción de su área de distribución, entre 2002 y 2012 la población de lince ibérico ha pasado de 52 a 156 individuos reproductores distribuidos en dos poblaciones silvestres.
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Start a Project

The main criteria considered for the selection and approval of research projects are: scientific relevance, its possible application to the conservation and management of the national park, the difficulty of carrying them out in any other location outside the National Park and possible impact of research in the natural environment of the area. Read More

Request Access

Procedure for requesting access to the ICTS Doñana Biological Reserve. Before applying for access you need to present a research project at the Research Coordination Office  Read More

Bird banding Office

Bird banding Office of the Doñana Biological Station is located in the Palacio de Doñana, inside the Biological Reserve. Created more than 30 years ago to centralize the management of banding that was carried out in Doñana and its surroundings, this office manages and coordinates the banding of birds that are performed in the Spanish state with special marks. Read More

ICTS-RBD Facilities

Densidad de alcornoques

Mapa que muestra la densidad de alcornoques de la Reserva Biológica de Doñana