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The Doñana’s scientific collections will take part of the NN-DiSSCo-ES infrastructure

The staff of the Scientific Collections of the Doñana Biological Station (EBD) integrated in ICTS-RBD, has participated in the 1st Meeting of the NN-DiSSCo-ES infrastructure, within the INFRA20012 Project (financed by the CSIC's GII Program).

ICTS-RBD participated in the first meeting of the Spanish Butterfly Scheme (Spain BMS) in Valsaín (Segovia)

The first meeting of the Spanish Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (Spain BMS, was celebrated in the CENEAM center (Valsaín, Segovia, Spain) from 11th to 13th November 2022. Spain BMS was created in 2014, with Doñana Biological Station as funded partner. Since then, Spain BMS has exponentially grown and currently a total of 211 transects are walked throughout the entire national territory.

Expert herpetologists visit the Doñana Biological Reserve to review and improve the lizards and geckos monitoring protocol

During the week of 19th until 22th of September, members of the Natural Processes Monitoring Team (ESPN) of the Singular Scientific-Technical Infrastructure of Doñana (ICTS-RBD), have celebrated a meeting in the Doñana Biological Reserve with expert herpetologists, in order to review and improve the monitoring protocol for geckos and lizards which is applied since 2005.

The ICTS-RBD participates in the European Observatory of Wildlife (EOW)

The EOW is a network of "observation points" of wildlife in Europe, in which participate all members of the European Union. It aims establish the basis for coordinating the long-term wildlife monitoring systems of medium to big sizes mammals in Europe.

The Iberian hare (Lepus granatensis) in Doñana increases in scrub areas and becomes more nocturnal after the population decline of the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Competition, predation, and diseases are key factors shaping animal communities. In recent decades, lagomorphs in Europe have been impacted by virus-borne diseases that have caused substantial declines in their populations and, subsequently, in many of their predators. We examined activity and habitat-use patterns of sympatric European rabbits and Iberian hares in Doñana National Park, (DNP) during two periods of disease outbreak.


Start a project

If you plan to do research in Doñana, you must bear in mind that your project must be approved by the Research Access Commission of the Doñana Participation Council. The ICTS-RBD provides assistance throughout the procedure. Read more

Request access, accommodation and/or technical and logistic support

Once your research project has been approved by ICTS-RBD, you can request access and accomodation in the Biological Reserve using this online form and/or logistic or technical support using this online form . Do not forget to read carefully the facilities’ use rules. Read more

Request biodiversity data

Raw data requests are made via the following application . In addition, it is possible to visualize ICTS-RBD biodiversity monitoring data at the Data Infrastructure and access essential ecosystem indicators at the Global Change Observatory

Bird Ringing Lab

The Bird Ringing Lab is a service of ICTS-RBD that centralizes all scientific ringing activities undertaken in Doñana, and coordinates non-metallic bird banding in Spain. Read More

Cork oaks density

Map showing cork oaks density in the Doñana Biological Reserve

Estaciones de Campo

Localización de los recursos ICTS para la captura de datos automáticos.