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Members of the ICTS-RBD participate in an off-road vehicle driving course conducted by the Civil Guard

February 2022

As slow as possible, and as fast as necessary

On the 31th of January and 1st and 2nd of February, 2022, part of the CSIC staff from the ICTS-RBD, has attended the out-road driving sessions carried out by the the Traffic School of Civil Guard in Mérida (Badajoz). The activity has had the participation of different instructors from the Traffic School, who have explained to the CSIC staff several aspects about the ergonomics of the vehicle, the necessary equipment and its use in field-work. The verification of the vehicle before and after its use and the management of the different options available to the different models for driving in different type of roads and circunstances has been part of the contents of the course. The students have been able to put these explanations into practice, having active driving class, leaded by the instructors. An important and necessary initiative that allows scientific and technical staff to be trained in driving this type of vehicles, essential for the development of many of the current research activities.


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Map showing cork oaks density in the Doñana Biological Reserve

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