Funding opportunities

Planning a research visit to the ICTS-RBD? You may benefit from a number of funding opportunities:

ICTS: Spain’s National Program for Scientific-Technological Infrastructures offers funding for short visits of EU-based researchers to ICTS facilities such as the Doñana Biological Reserve. Currently, there are no open calls.

LTER: the eLTER Transnational Access Scheme provides successful applicants with (i) funding to cover travel, hotel and living expenses, and (ii) free use of eLTER facilities, services and support offered by the participating TA sites – including the Doñana Biological Reserve.

External financing: any project financed through a national or international program can request access to the ICTS-RBD. Priority will be given to projects funded through competitive programs. Available competitive funding programs include Spain's National Program, the National Parks Research Program, the Andalusian Research Plan, and various international programs such as the EU's H2020.