Physical Environment

This thematic program focuses on the state and dynamics of the physical environment, as well as a number of drivers of its ecosystem health that take place in the vicinity of the Doñana Protected Area. It comprises the following monitoring topics:


2. Meteorology the ICTS-RBD have several manual and automated stations that register data on standard meteorological variables such as temperature, humidity, rainfall and/or wind speed. The old one is a manual station located at the headquarters of the ICTS-RBD (Palacio de Doñana), which has been running continuously since 1978. It was complemented in 2008 with an automated station managed by the Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMET). Other automated stations have been deployed in Doñana since 2013, sometimes associated to sensing stations that carry out measurements of soil or atmospheric variables. Data can be found in data infrastructure and in AEMET open-data service.

2.2 Sedimentation, coastline and dune dynamics: the fluvial dynamics of the streams flowing into the marsh have been altered over the last few decades, largely due to actions in the drainage basins. One of the most evident effects is the continuous contribution of sediments and the formation of important alluvial sediments around the El Rocío marsh. On the other hand, the coastal system in the PND presents a very active dynamic given the oceanic influence on the morphology of the coastline and dune dynamics. See protocol and summary of data.


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Supplementary information:   

Air quality: Doñana has two monitoring stations integrated Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution (LRTAP), located at the headquarters of the ICTS-RBD (Palacio de Doñana) and the National Park (El Acebuche). These stations passively measure, at 3-month intervals, various types of pollutants: dioxins, furans, PCBs, brominated flame retardants (PBDEs), hexachlorobenzene, and DDT. This monitoring is coordinated by Begoña Jiménez from the Institute of General Organic Chemistry, IQOJ-CSIC. You can see the method used here. In addition, the "El Arenosillo" Center for Aerospace Vehicle Experimentation and Atmospheric Research, belonging to the National Institute of Aerospace Technology - INTA, routinely measure various atmospheric parameters such as ozone, global UV radiation and aerosols near Doñana. There are instructions on how to request the data in our data infrastructure