Monitoring Program

The Doñana Monitoring Program of ICTS-RBD was initiated in the 1980s. Initially focused on birds and endangered species, it was extended in 2004 to other biodiversity components and ecological processes. The Monitoring Program is currently structured in six thematic areas:

1. Physical environment

2.  Water

3. Habitats

4. Populations & species 

5. Primary production (carbon) 

6. Ecosystem services & human use

Each of these areas comprises a number of monitoring protocols focused on specific taxa, indicators and/or ecological processes. Results are reported annually to the National Park Office and regional authorities, made accessible through ICTS-RBD’s data repository and IT services, and documented at the DEIMS repository. Based on these observations, essential indicators of Doñana’s conservation status and long-term ecosystem dynamics are also provided through Doñana’s Global Change Observatory.

Doñana’s Monitoring Program is a key contribution of ICTS-RBD to international networks and programs focusing on the long-term monitoring of biodiversity, socio-ecosystem dynamics and ecosystem services – such as LTER-Europe and LifeWatch.