Physical Environment

This thematic program provides data on the state and dynamics of the physical environment, as well as a number of drivers of its ecosystem health that take place in the vicinity of the Doñana Protected Area.

The ICTS-RBD repository include only meteorology data. Air quality data can be obtained from this report (air contaminants) or requested to INTA’s Atmospheric Research Center El Arenosillo (atmospheric parameters).

Meteorology: The longest-running data series includes standard meteorological variables (such as temperature, humidity and rainfall) registered in a manual station situated at Palacio de Doñana, which has been running continuously since 1978. You can access these data below. They are complemented since 2008 with data from an automated station run by the Spanish Meteorological Association (AEMET), available the AEMET open-data service.

Other automated stations deployed in the Doñana Protected Area since 2013 offer similar data, though data series may be discontinuous (see map). Some of these stations offer live data, such as the meteorological stations associated to hydrological stations in the Doñana marsh: Honduras del Burro, Resolimán, Cancela Millán, Lucio del Rey and Vetalengua.

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