Doñana Biological Reserve

Doñana’s Biological Reserve (RBD) belongs to the Doñana Biological Station (EBD-CSIC), a research institute of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC).

Besides its research activities, which represent its core activity, the Doñana Biological Station has the legal duty of managing two core conservation areas of the Doñana National Park: the Doñana Biological Reserve and the Guadiamar Biological Reserve. These two reserves enjoy the highest level of conservation stringency amongt the Doñana Protected Areas: they are solely devote to wildlife conservation and scientific research.

The Doñana Biological Reserve, owned by the Spanish Research Council (CSIC), hosts 6.794 ha of forests, shrubland, lakes and temporary marshes. The Guadiamar Biological Reserve, owned by the World Wildlife Fund, hosts 3.214 ha of marshland.

Owing to the extraordinary biodiversity and outstanding conservation status of its ecosystems, the Doñana Protected Area is a unique field laboratory to research the ecology, evolution and management of biological diversity and the impact of global change.

Thanks to the support provided by the ICTS program, the Doñana Biological Reserve provides researchers working in Doñana with housing, laboratories, equipment and office space, as well as scientific, technical and logistic support.