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On this page you can find a repository of:

Scientific publications of research carried out at (or related to) Doñana. 

You can request any publication of research carried out at (or related to) Doñana and/or register yours by emailing our Research Coordination Office at:










Research annual reports of the Doñana Biological Station at Doñana Natural Area.

You can download our annual reports of the research carried out in Doñana (full text available in Spanish only):

 20002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201420152016, 201720182019.









Annual reports of the Natural Resources and Natural Proceses Monitoring Program in the Doñana Natural Area.  

Design of the Natural Resoruces and Natural Proceses Monitoring Program in the Doñana Natural Area (full text avaibale in Spanish only): 

2003_Memoria parcial I / 2004_Memoria parcial II 2005_Memoria parcial III / 2006_Memoria FINAL + Inventario nº0 Biodiversidad

You can download them (full text available in Spanish only): 

 2006 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2011 (paisaje) / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020.  

Protocols of the Natural Proceses and Natural Resources Monitoring Program in the Doñana Natural Area.

You can download here the protocols followed since 2014 by our Biodiversity Monitoring Program in Doñana.

Protocol_01_Waterbirds_aerial census.pdf Protocolo_02_Bird census at the beach.pdf
Protocol_03_Butterflies.pdf Protocolo_04_Argentine ant_builidings.pdf
Protocolo_05_Argentine ant_cork oak.pdf Protocolo_06_Dung-beetles.pdf
Protocolo_07_ponds.pdf Protocolo_08_Amphibians.pdf
Protocolo_09_Priority habitats.pdf Protocolo_10_Water_vole.pdf
Protocolo_11_Rabbits_END.pdf Protocolo_12_Rabbits_RBD.pdf
Protocolo_13_Footprints_carnivores.pdf Protocolo_14_Hare_END.pdf
Protocolo_15_Otter.pdf Protocolo_16_Ungulates_ END.pdf
Protocolo_17_Red-legged partridge_END.pdf Protocolo_18_Red-legged partidge_RBD.pdf
Protocolo_19_Threathened plants.pdf Protocolo_20_Terrestrial census of waterbirds.pdf
Protocolo_21_Waterbirds breeding census in the cork oaks.pdf Protocolo_22_Roosting census in wintering raptors.pdf
Protocolo_23_Postbreeding migration of passerines.pdf Protocolo_24_Breeding in non-colonial waterbirds.pdf
Protocolo_25_Breeding of diurnal raptors.pdf Protocolo_26_Wintering census  of waterbirds.pdf
Protocolo_27_ Crayfish.pdf Protocolo_28_ Macroinvertebrates in streams.pdf
Protocolo_29_ Aquatic macroinvertebrates.pdf Protocolo_30_ Fishs.pdf
Protocolo_31_Distribution of the pond turtles.pdf Protocolo_32_Pond turtle population.pdf  
Protocolo_33_Footprints census in the greek tortoise.pdf Protocolo_34_Exotics pond turtles.pdf
Protocolo_35_Greek tortoise population.pdf Protocolo_36_Land use changes in END.pdf
Protocolo_37_Terrestrial vegetation.pdf Protocolo_38_ Landscape.pdf
Protocolo_39_Coastal line and dunes.pdf Protocolo_40_Cork oaks monitoring 'Pajarera'.pdf